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Horse Racing Q & A with the Jockey Club President and CEO Jim Gagliano

The horse racing industry continues to deal with daily challenges in keeping the sport healthy and vibrant. Many tracks struggle financially, and some of the more pressing issues are identified by racing executives who are at the forefront of change. canadian rx orlistat how much is clomid to buy in the uk Thoroughbred Daily News talks with many industry professionals and those that are part of the sport on a daily basis.

Jim Gagliano

Jim Gagliano, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Jockey Club, addresses some of the issues regarding the integrity and safety of the sport and the humane treatment of horses.

Q: What is the most pressing problem that needs to be tackled in racing, and how would you solve it?

There are a lot of good things going on with the sport of Thoroughbred racing today, but measures to improve the integrity and safety of the sport remain a constant challenge. To that end, I believe we need a new system that would provide the sport with an efficient, independent body overseeing a uniform set of rules to ensure that Thoroughbred racing is safe for horse and rider, and conducted in compliance with the highest standards.

What do you think somebody from the outside looking in – somebody not involved in racing – would say the problem that most needs solving is?

Research has shown that concern for the humane treatment of horses, during their racing careers and after they can no longer race or breed, is a top issue for the public. It has been heartening to see the various safety and aftercare initiatives created and embraced by industry organizations (including The Jockey Club) in recent years. We will continue to make this area a priority.

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