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Chuck Borell Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

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When a stable of unattended, thoroughbred horses appeared at an abandoned farm in Central Kentucky it was only a matter of time until the expected culprit was apprehended. Chuck Borell will face 43 counts of second degree animal cruelty in the state after being arrested in Mercer County. Along with his daughter, Maria Borell, the two have been notorious extortion racketeers who have killed and maimed thoroughbreds for a long time now.

It’s about time at least one of them is being brought to justice.

Maria Borell’s exploits have been well documented since her abrupt termination following trainee Runhappy’s win at the 2015 Breeders’ Cup Sprint, in large thanks due to the Margaret Ransom story from The timing seemed strange and almost cruel, but owner James McIngvale had his reasons. He just never explained them.

The father and daughter team had previously rented Colby Field Farm from 2013-2015 where they took care of and trained horses that they were charged with. It’s a usual practice within the sport, but the owner of the farm and some of the assistant trainers noted irrefutable evidence that the Borel family was up to no good. Horses were left in their stables for days on end, only taken out when their owners came to visit, and they were malnourished and mistreated despite the best attempts of others under their employ.

The long and disgusting road that these two have followed continued as Maria Borell found work with Drawing Away Stable up until earlier this year, where she was fired yet again and has not since resurfaced. I urge you to click on the link to read more about this father and daughter’s sordid history.


In the wake of the recent discovery at the Borell farm located in Kentucky, six¬†horses have been sent for immediate rehab at the Blackburn Correctional Facility in Lexington. An additional 28 horses are awaiting decisions as to their fate, which will be decided by the state’s agricultural department, but are in the care of equine volunteers and specialists for the time being.

The reason for the delay in a decision had been mostly administrative, but both Chuck Borell and his daughter Maria had proven talented at evading the law time and again. Those days seem to be over which means that this dark period in the sport of horse racing can finally reach some sort of resolution.



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