Best Track Announcers Include Pete Aiello​ at Gulfstream Park

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neurontin street value how to order inderal online Watch and Listen to the Races with Track Announcer Pete Aiello at Gulfstream Park

For many race fans, including top handicapper Rob Henie of the West Coast Handicapping Report, track announcer Trevor Denman is considered one of the best and favorites of racing fans. He called the races at Santa Anita for more than 30 years (“And away they go…”).  Yes, after so many years, he’s slowed down and just isn’t the same as days gone by (also the byproduct of not being a full time announcer anymore), but at the height of his career, his commentary, style, and whimsical phrases were without equal.

Today in 2018, from coast to coast, we’ve seen an influx of young announcers ready to take over the sport for years to come. When we speak of our favorite these days, we find him here at Gulfstream Park, announcer Pete Aiello. I’ve personally listened to Pete call races, including the $100,000 Sunshine Millions Sprint (video) Jan. 20. He’s clear, accurate and detailed in his description and one you enjoy listening to. Aiello will be calling three of the big Kentucky Derby prep races from Gulfstream on the Road to the Kentucky Derby – the Holy Bull Feb. 3, Fountain of Youth March 3 and Florida Derby March 31.

As Rob notes in his East Coast Handicapping Report, factors to proclaim an announcer his favorite like Pete Aiello would include: voice level, precision, in-race commentary, etc. As a professional handicapper, Rob watches thousands of videos each year, triple digits each week, and he continually points out that Aiello is the best when he’s watching the races.

There are some announcers who are smooth and certainly can call the right horses from gate to wire, often though with a prolonged style which doesn’t allow for much coverage throughout the race, not even mentioning some runners, mainly calling those on the front end with such a slow, methodical style, they can get away with it. With Aiello though, he’s absolutely SPOT ON just about each and every race, calling the entire field with accuracy we haven’t seen since Trevor Denman (particularly from around 1988 to 2005).

Listen to Pete’s commentary, watch as he spots horses running on late, others staggering, horses crying out for room. There’s just no one in the country with this type of accuracy. Michael Wrona is good out west, but Pete Aiello is leading the pack in our book.

If you haven’t noticed, watch and listen to his calls during the coming months, including the $16 million Pegasus World Cup Invitational Jan. 27. Once you start looking for his precision, you’ll likely understand our perspective.

Notes and track announcer commentary compliments of of the ECHR –

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